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Ultimate Selection of Diamonds: We feature the widest variety of diamonds hand picked for light performance than any site on the net.
Ultimate Education: Our tutorial's include graphical content coupled with HD videos to help you learn the basics as well as the geekier stuff.
Ultimate Service: What makes us different? Anyone can broker diamonds on the net but not one offers the services we do at the price we do it for. We bring the most important element to your purchase, which is peace of mind. Review our exclusive 29 point inspection to learn about the way a diamond should be purchased on the web.
 Hearts & Arrows Rounds, Hearts & Arrows Squares, Signature Princess Cuts, August Vintage Diamonds, Octavia Asscher's, you'll find the largest selection of "in house" diamonds right here for your convenience. If you want to see what else is available to us click here.
Whether you're looking for elegant Tiffany styles or Designer Rings like TacoriVatche. GOG is your one stop shop for your entire engagement ring needs. Coming soon ... design your own ring *live online* in real time with our design experts!
Whether you're learning The Basics,
the Advanced Cut Grading of
GIA & AGS, or want to learn about
the various Optical Technologies,
We have over 400 HD videos to
show you how we select the rarest
and most beautiful diamonds.

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Each week we will be featuring either a new tutorial, product demonstration or tech-know teaching  to better familiarize you with the superior products we carry, the tools we utilize to pick them and why we take the steps we do to ensure our clients get the very best.

There is a method to our madness and the more time you spend with us the more you will learn why we do not like the typical business models offered on the net in way of purchasing diamonds. Sadly 99% of internet diamond purchases are blind. Not our clients.